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Images of Curiosity

Free Indoors and outdoors

Collect photos that spark curiosity to use in education research

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Take a photo of something that sparks your curiosity. Then, upload your photo along with descriptions of the photo, what sparked your curiosity, and what questions you think other people might have about your photo. Want some ideas to get started? Try our curiosity photo scavenger hunt! [web link forthcoming]

Curiosity is an essential part of scientific discovery. Yet, researchers are still trying to figure out what makes kids (and adults) curious and what educators can do to spark curiosity. With your help, we at the Educational Neuroscience Lab are trying to figure that out. As psychology and education researchers studying curiosity, one of the first steps in designing a new research study is to brainstorm lots of possible ideas for things that might make people curious. The photos and information you submit as part of the Images of Curiosity Project are part of this brainstorming process. Your photos will be reviewed by researchers in the Educational Neuroscience Lab and by future citizen scientists to vote on which ones to use in an upcoming research study!

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Minimum Age: 13

Languages: English

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