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Interactive Science!

Free Indoors and outdoors

Explore the world with DIY hands-on activities, engaging science videos, and science experiments for kids at home!

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Explore the world with DIY hands-on activities, engaging science videos, and science experiments for kids at home!
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Our activities include:
Science demonstrator in red lab coat faces away, looking at a plume of flames

  • #SparkofScience: our #SparkofScience series showcases our favorite science experiments—some you can even do at home: Rainbows; Selective Attention; Stethoscope; Static Electricity; Barany Chair; Seeds; Buoyancy; Earth Day; After Image; Handwashing; Bike Gears; Crystals; Condensation; Leap Year; Electrolysis; Holiday Edition; Red Eye; Ultrasound; Combustion; Candles; Hovercraft; Vacuum Chamber; Halloween Edition; The Theramin; Hydrogen Bubbles; Genie in a Bottle; Liquid Nitrogen; Lasers; Voice and Air; Hurricanes; Tesla Coil; Super Conductors; Hoot Tube; Armonica; Parabolic Mirror; Kaowool; Alka-Rockets; Fireworks; Glovaphone; Fire Tornadoes; Kinetic Energy.
  • Bad Science: turns out there are a lot of misconceptions floating around. We call this Bad Science!
  • Science Recipes: make Paper; Avión Sin Alas; Wingless Airplanes; Seed Spirit; Luz y Sombras; Shadow Tricks; Jelly Bean Taste Test; Piensa Rápido; Reaction Time; Brain Games; Be Well; Apples Need Skin; When Hot is Not; Fun with Static; Color Formulas; Thaumatropes; The Stroop Effect; Dough Creatures; Surface Area; Model Blood; Sidewalk Solar System; Building Bridges; The Great Race; Impact Paintings; Soap Bubble Art; Wind Detectors; Spinning Tops; Tall Trees; Small Splash; Design a Grabber; Build a Rover; Kinetic Sculpture; Cargo Rocket; Program a Robot; Building Tall.
  • Test Your Knowledge: how much do you really know about our world? Find out: Ben Franklin Memorial; Your Brain; Our Planet; Your Heart; Winter Weather; Color Mixing.
  • Backgrounds: now you can feel like you’re at the museum - virtually!
  • Presidential AR Trivia: do you think you know our presidents? Take the challenge with our brand new AR Trivia game, created in partnership with NeoPangea! Please note: this game is designed for the Instagram app and can only be played on mobile.
  • Franklin Frost: explore the Winter Season - virtually! We celebrated the beginning of winter by creating a flurry of festive virtual programming.
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